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With our manufacturer identity, we produce high quality, fast and flexible solutions in our modern facilities.


Tailored Solutions

We offer special aluminum composite panel solutions to the person, institution or project.

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In our new and modern production facilities, we also produce plastic granules, which are the quality indicators of aluminum composite panels, by ourselves, and we produce aluminum composite panels with the brands Powerbond and Winbond with our customer-oriented production and marketing processes.

Choose Your Color

Amiral Aluminum brands serve their customers with a wide range of color and texture options.

Even if you cannot find the color or texture you want in these wide options, we can produce in a color suitable for you or your project.

We Know That Time is Precious

We work with stock in our catalog products, so we can respond to your needs as soon as possible.

Our production lines are ready for your special orders. We attach importance to providing services in the shortest deadlines.

100% Quality Assurance

We are one of the rare companies that produce plastic granules in the sector we serve with our manufacturer identity.

Thus, our products, which we have mastered in all processes, are under the assurance of Amiral Aluminum.


Aluminium Composite Panel

With its flexible structure, easy use and environmental friendliness, it is one of the most ideal products for designs that do not recognize glaze.
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