About Us


Aluminium Composite Panel

Amiral Aluminum produces aluminum composite panels under the brands Powerbond and Winbond in its new and modern factory located in Erzincan Organized Industrial Zone. Bringing an innovative perspective to the aluminum composite panel industry that develops and grows day by day, adopting a customer-oriented management approach with its expert staff, it continues to work towards becoming a regional and then a global company.


Amiral Aluminum is the only company that produces plastic granule, the raw material of aluminum composite panel, within its own structure. The quality of the plastic granule used in the panel also shows the quality of the panel. With this feature, Amiral Aluminum Composite Panels, which use the plastic granules produced in-house, show the feature of being more flexible, easy to process and a longer lasting product than its competitors.


Carrying out all production stages of the aluminum composite panel, which has a very wide area of use, under a single facility, Amiral Aluminum is able to develop customer-oriented solutions specific to the person, institution or project with faster deadlines and more economical price policies.


We produce special solutions to the person, company and project with our customer-oriented production method.


Our Mission

To provide reliable and quality products that will accelerate the aluminum composite panel industry with economic budgets in line with customer expectations.

Our Vision

To be a well-known company in aluminum composite panel with our brands on a regional and national basis first, and then to become a sought-after brand in the global sector.