Wide Range of Color Options

Aluminum composite panels, which have a wide area of use, also offer unparalleled solutions for both the construction and advertising sector with a wide range of color and texture options.

Easy Processing

Aluminum composite panels provide excellent results even for all kinds of difficult projects with their flexible, light and easy processability features, and they do not prevent creativity.

Nature Friendly Elegance

Aluminum Composite Panel provides an aesthetic and stylish appearance where it is used and is easy to apply. It is a 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly product.


  • Architectural Facade Cladding,
  • Interior Decorations,
  • Ceiling Cladding,
  • Door Panels and Partition Systems,
  • Advertising Boards and Direction Signs,
  • Fairground Designs,
  • Architectural Constructions such as Overpasses and Tunnels,
  • Exhibition Areas, Partition Walls,
  • Buildings such as Banks, Gas Stations and Airports,
  • Furniture Industry.


  • Has high rigidity and strength properties.
  • Shows high resistance to outside weather conditions and UV rays.
  • Exhibits acidic and basic strength in harsh external environmental conditions.
  • Features a smooth, even and glossy finish.
  • Easy to process.
  • Shows acoustic insulation and vibration absorption characteristics.
  • Differs from other composite panels with its thermal insulation and non-flammable properties.
  • Has high impact resistance.
  • Protects the construction from harmful effects caused by industrial and environmental pollution.
  • Acts as a barrier against solar radiation.
  • Being a light material, it does not add additional load to the construction.

Why 100% Polyethylene LDPE?

  • Less wear of the tools
  • Easy bending without breaking
  • In combination with 3004 Alloy, it increase the mechanical skills
    and hold the good plastic perfomability
  • Different core colors possible!

We produce plastic granule, which is the raw material of aluminum composite panel, within our own structure and produce fast and economical solutions for the sector.


The plastic granule used in the production determines the quality of the aluminum composite panel. Admiral Aluminum uses plastic granule produced from 100% polyethylene.

You can view our digital catalog and see color and texture options.